Core Focus and Activities
UDRC Alliance model
What do we call an ALLIANCE Model: This model promotes federation-led processes to build further strategic alliance partnerships, enlarging appropriate, and cause-specific/task oriented partnerships with other key stakeholders geographically, at neighborhood basis or ward council or city or state level. Strengthening this model is as follows;
» Facilitating Federation model for peoples led processes,contextual rituals so as to bring maximum possible impact, quality participation as change agents and managers with focus on bringing tiers of poor/women leaderships.
OSDF/Mahila Milan Activities, ENSURING PARTICIPATION/Building leadership/Community led institutional base
The Federation Model
» Setting up community centers called Area Resource Centers (ARC)
» Encouraging communities to join a Savings and Credit programme that simultaneously builds trust within a settlement and strengthens the financial assets of participating families
» Supporting communities to collect detailed information about themselves through Enumerations, Surveys and Mapping
» Facilitating Peer Exchanges and meetings through which communities can share ideas and learn from each other's experiences
» Organizing Housing Exhibitions that showcase affordable housing solutions to government authorities as well as local population
» Demonstrating through Pilot or Precedent-Setting Projects the kinds of housing and infrastructure models that work for both poor and the city and can be scaled up
» Initiating Dialogue and Negotiation on win-win solutions with relevant authorities
» Finally, advocating for pro-poor Policy Changes on the basis of grassroots experience
» Facilitating evolution of People’s Agenda addressing urban poverty through Federated institutions at ground level which revolves around dealing issues of basic amenities, land and Housing. Launching campaigns For Public Opinion and Pressure building process from the ground :
» Promotion of decentralized Federation building
» People’s Network/Stakeholders Network ( Mahila Milan & OSDF & any other CBOS peoples forums if any)
» Common interest specific People’s Forum creation (Cooperatives/ Committees/ SHGs/ CISPF etc.)
» Stakeholders identification and evolving project specific strategic partners
» Campaign Launching Unit(CLU)Creation of Political will: Issues; Political representatives being poorly exposed to pro-poor planning and people’s led infrastructure and housing programme processes who need to be sensitized and given cross-cultural first hand exposures for an improved accountability / governance mechanism
Creation of Political will with a political agenda for
» No open defecation / City-Sanitation for all city dwellers(CSA)
» Shelter for all vision programmes (SVP)
» Land right for Urban Poor(LUP)
» Policy Analysis Unit(PAU Unit) led by all stake holders-the people and NGOs and others in local Context
» Ideas for mainstreaming Peoples planning mechanism, Stakeholder identification and creation of resource base
» Peer group workshops and people, policymakers and expert debate workshops
» Sectoral analysis paper of current schemes and procedures for access to basic facility and land and housing
» Areas of strategic partnerships and committee formations
» Urban Poverty Position or Status and strategy Paper (UPSSP Unit): Developing updated versions of An Analytical Framework on Urban Poverty Position or Status and strategy Paper need to be developed to bring the attention of Municipal Authorities, City Development Agencies and Urban Department and Government of Orissa itself. Literate people from settlements can be given trainings to use GIS/MIS tools(other associated skills needed for DPRs in JNNURM Projects to avoid nonparticipation at any level) to digitize the manual enumerations done by federations,